The Mamas and The Papas

Working hand in hand with Derek Taylor, the former press agent for the Beatles, John Phillips was instrumental in putting the festival together. And even though his schedule kept The Mamas and The Papas from rehearsing for three months, their performance was outstanding. There was just something about the harmonies they produced that would capture an audience and hold them spellbound.

Has anyone else ever heard of The Mugwumps?

For a really great Mamas and Papas tribute visit...
Read Denny's bio and you'll learn who the Mugwumps were.

I wonder if Mama Cass would have been as popular if her name had been Ramona? Probably. Cass Elliott's voice was as powerful as her personality.

Michelle, Michelle, you're as beautiful today as you were then.
Was that you Paul McCartney was singing to?


After 17 years of leading a sheltered life in a small Central California farming community, my trip to the Monterey International Pop Music Festival was my first real opportunity to be out on my own. Oh, I had sneaked away the previous summer and tried to cross the border into Tijuana with some buddies (we had a lot of fun and got into a lot of trouble, but that's a whole different story), but we were only gone one night. This trip was going to be 4 whole nights away from Mom and Dad. So my friend, Jerry, and I hopped into his MG and set off for the coast. After a side trip to San Jose to visit a friend, we made our way down to Monterey. The town was full of long haired kids (of all ages) and finding a place to stay was impossible. We tried everything. No luck. So, we decided we'd just have to worry about it later and went to the festival.